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Bifocal Reading Glasses

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Reading Glasses with Bifocal Lenses

As our eyes age, reading up close typically becomes increasingly difficult. Generally this change in vision begins between the ages of 40 and 45, although for some it may occur sooner or later in life. Reading glasses can help improve  a person's vision when they are viewing things that are up close, but unfortunately, not all reading glasses are suitable for those who also need assistance with distance vision. Bifocal reading glasses are reading glasses that are meant for correcting both near and far vision.

What Are Bifocals?

Bifocal reading glasses have two separate corrective lens powers. The majority of the lens is made so that the wearer can see distances clearly. On the lower half of the lens, there is a segment that is meant for near-vision correction. There are several different segment styles that are available. The most common is the flat-top, or half-moon. Round segments or rectangular segment styles are also available, as are segments that divide the entire lower half of the lens.

Who Wears Bifocal Reading Glasses?

Typically, the ideal candidate for bifocal reading glasses is a person who is no longer able to see fine print or near objects clearly. He or she may already wear glasses for distance vision or may not currently wear any type of corrective glasses. Regardless of whether or not a person wears glasses for distances, he may choose to wear bifocals to avoid constantly putting on and removing reading glasses when viewing objects at different distances.

If you're looking for bifocal reading glasses, you'll have many different options from which to choose, and when you shop with us, you'll be assured of the lowest possible prices.


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