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How Reading Glasses Can Make a Fashion Statement

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Many people love to read as a hobby or just because it's one of their deepest passions. For many of these people, using reading glasses when picking up a book is not only a habit, but a necessity. We commonly regard our reading glasses as utilitarian and boring, usually because the glasses that we purchased for reading are just a pair that we picked up at the drugstore or someplace else because they were needed in order to sit down and get a juicy passage of Pride and Prejudice under our belts. But did you know that reading glasses don't have to be the ugliest or plainest of the bunch? They can be quite the fashion statement as well. Start rethinking the way you view your reading glasses and pretty soon, you'll be searching for the best coffee shops in which to display your hot new spectacles, and even wearing your most stylish reading outfit to match.

How Reading Glasses Can Make a Fashion Statement

Most of us have a good pair of reading glasses that help us avoid killing ourselves squinting trying to read the text. Sure, they get the job done, but they're not necessarily a pair we would show off to our friends and family members. That's where we're all going wrong when it comes to our spectacles! They need to be a glorious expression of ourselves, our style, and let's face it, an extension of who we think we are and a work of art. That's what all fashion is, of course-- if we've learned anything from The Devil Wears Prada. While no Meryl Streep is going to come out and give you the once-over for your style choices, we all have a little Miranda Priestly in all of us. While we may not be the head honcho at Vogue Magazine, why not act like you are?

You can actually use your reading glasses to make a fashion statement. Be it a brand that you love(Scojo New York, Cinzia Designs, Foster Grant) or an eye catching color or even an interesting style, such as gold plated cat horned rims, you can turn even the most banal of places into a fashion runway. There are so many styles that you may not be aware of because you already had a pair! Take some awkward self awareness out of your life and inject it instead with a fantastic pair of glasses that you love wearing. Whether a full grown man or just a style-loving woman, there's a pair of reading glasses out there calling your name and ready to help you make the fashion statement of the year.

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