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Reading Glasses Fast Becoming A Fashion Accessory

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When you start to get older, as we baby boomers have a tendency to do, you begin to realize that there are many benefits of aging.

Not the least of these is that when you retire, you can begin to slow down. There is no need to rush any more. You don’t have to take the kids to school or pick them up. You don’t have to get up every morning to go to work, because you don’t work now, so you can get up when you like. Suddenly you realize that your time is your own.

You can begin to do all the things that you wanted to do when you were younger, but never got around to because there was no time. Now you have all the time in the world.

You also have more money. You don’t have to spend any on the kids clothes and food, their dance lessons, basketball, or whatever it was, because they have grown up and - with any luck – left home. So you can spend your money on you, for a change. If you ever wanted to take a world cruise, go on a safari in Kenya, humpback whale spotting in Queensland, or pony trekking in Wales, now you can do it.

Now is also the right time to do it, before you get too old and can’t be bothered any more. Of course, you may not want to go dashing off around the world, preferring to spend time at home in the garden, fishing on the lake, or playing more golf than you once did. You can do that, too.

Certainly there are some disadvantages of aging. We tend to get more aches and pains with our 60 or 70 year old bodies. Let’s face it, they've had all those years of wear and tear.

Eyesight is another thing that diminishes as we get older. Books become harder to read and, although we are perfectly capable of using a laptop and surfing the net, a lot of those websites seem to use very small fonts.

Yes, we have to admit, we need a pair of reading glasses.

Fortunately, reading glasses today have advanced considerably from the drab things of a few years ago, and can now almost be classed as a fashion accessory without which no baby boomer would seem up to date.

Manufacturers have put a lot of money into the design of reading glasses so that now they are stylish and trendy. It is easy to pick a pair of glasses that look modern, yet team beautifully with your favourite dress or jacket. Indeed, many people buy several pairs of reading glasses these days, so that they can switch them around to match whatever they happen to wear on a given day.

There is no need to look old-fashioned simply because you need glasses. There are so many beautiful designs that today you are truly spoiled for choice.

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