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The Joys and Benefits of Reading to Young Children

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Reading to children, and more so at bedtime at the time that there are no distractions, has been shown to enhance not only the child’s language abilities but also their literacy rates. The following are some of the joys and benefits of reading to kids.

Kids learn from repetition and hearing

Kids often want to hear a story repeatedly and they will have memorized them soon. Not only do they learn from hearing but also from modulation and the emotions parents put in reading.
When kids hear and learn the new words, they will soon know how to use them in their communicating and also their sentences.

Children develop motor skills

The physical motor skills are things like holding a book and using the right amount of strength to turn pages so that they do not tear them. This is a crucial development in children’s growth. They will learn coordination and balance as they move their eyes and hold their heads when focusing on the words or pictures that you point to them.

You can imagine how their brains start moving as they attempt to get the meaning of whatever you are reading. As you read, the kids try to pronounce the words verbally and silently, their tongues, mouths and lips also move when they try to pronounce these words.

Sharpening memories

Another benefit that reading to children brings is sharpening of their memories especially because of repetition. As the children hear certain phrases and words repeatedly, they soon learn memorizing them.

It reinforces the notion that reading is pleasurable pastime.

As a parent, when you pour out your heart out into the reading and when you express certain feelings, the children will learn the marvels of reading as well as the wealth of information contained in books.

Children learn to love books

If a child enjoys reading, they will never be bored because they always have something to do as well as adventures to explore.
If you love reading, your children will tend to follow in your footsteps. Also, they will love to read as well as learn the value of studying by reading.

Get Close to your kids by reading bedside stories daily!

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