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The Simple Joys of Aging

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The are many benefits to aging, not the least of which is the joy of not “having“ to do something or be somewhere. For example, since I do not have to go to work, I can get up when I choose. I don’t have to be at an office at eight in the morning, I don’t have to open a shop, I don’t have to drive to a sales meeting, I don’t have to take the kids to school, in fact I don’t have to do anything.

Well, that last bit is not strictly true. I do have to wash and shave. I do have to go to the shop to buy food and drink, and I do have my writing to attend to. However, the point is that I can do all of these as and when it suits me. As a widower, I have nobody to answer to.

Yes, I have my writing work to undertake, such as writing this article. However, I can write when I choose. I may do a couple of hours writing in the morning, then again, I may not. I can write a couple of articles and then take a break for a couple of hours, go to the pub, play some pool, have a couple of beers and a laugh with my friends, then return home and do some more writing if I feel in the mood. If I don’t feel in the mood, I may just simply open a bottle of wine.

After years of running my own business, it is wonderful that there is no pressure any more. Certainly, owning my own business allowed me to have a beautiful house in the country, and run a top of the range car. However, it was a 45 mile drive to my office where I would tend to business or morning, then grab a sandwich for lunch, and jump in the car to drive and see a prospective customer, hoping to make a sale. In an average week, I would drive 1000 miles. I did this for many, many years, but I no longer need to. In fact, I don’t need to go anywhere.

As I write this, I am sitting in my apartment overlooking one of the finest beaches in southern England, with a handful of small fishing vessels bobbing about in the harbor. The pub is three minutes’ walk away, or if I go to the other one down by the jetty that will take five minutes.

Two years ago, I struck up a friendship with a very pretty girl no less than 46 years my junior. We have become very close and see each other almost every day, so I have companionship when I need it. She makes me laugh, and we have a lot of fun together.

The library is only 10 minutes’ walk away, and after all those years of rushing about, I can now actually sit down and read a book.

I was going to write some more about the simple joys of aging but – what the heck – I’m off to the pub!

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