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What Is Presbyopia?

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There are many types of vision disorders that can occur when you age. We all would surely like to age gracefully, but sometimes our eyes don't get the memo and even our eyeglasses and prescriptions seem to be struggling to keep up with where we are at! One of the vision disorders caused by age is presbyopia. This condition is not that serious and easily diagnosed and fixed, so not to worry. This is one of the things that comes along with growing older that you really shouldn't mind, because it is an easy fix. If only other things in life were as simply addressed! Read on to learn more about presbyopia.

What Is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a type of vision disorder that is often referred to as an aging eye condition. It results in the lack of ability to focus the eye up close. This condition occurs naturally as people grow older due to the fact that they eye cannot focus light directly onto the retina because of the hardening of the natural lens. It affects the muscle fibers located around the lens, making it difficult to focus on anything close to the eye. The lens, now made less effective, in turn causes the light to focus behind the retina. This causes the lack of clear vision on close objects. Anyone who is over 35 can be at risk for developing presbyopia.

Signs and Symptoms of Presbyopia

- Difficulty reading small print- Holding books and reading material farther away- Difficulty seeing items that are close to your eyes- Eye straining- Headaches
If you have any of these symptoms, it may be beneficial to visit an optometrist to get a dilated eye examination. New prescriptions for your eyes may be necessary. Plus, it can be a chance to get some fancy new glasses and update your look with a perfectly valid excuse. New eyeglasses are the easiest and safest ways to treat and correct this condition. Eyeglasses with higher focus in the lower lens can let you read through this area and see correctly. Ask your eye doctor what may be right for you if you are diagnosed with presbyopia.

You may have a type of refractive error while having presbyopia. The types of refractive errors that exist can be astigmatism, far sightedness (also known as hyperopia), and near sightedness (known as myopia). You can even have different types of refractive errors in each eye, although these are easily treatable so they are nothing to worry about.

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