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Designer Sunglasses Now at Trendy Glasses

Here at Trendy Glasses we are always extremely pleased to announce a new addition to our extensive range of top quality eyewear. We don’t just add any eyeglasses to our range either. There are certain things that a range of glasses needs to do before we stock it. They need to look amazing, be made to the highest [...]

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Adaptors Light Adapting Readers Now at Trendy Glasses

The wait is finally over! The long awaited ADAPTORS by EvolutionEyes have made it to the list of reading glasses stocked by Trendy Glasses. If you’re sick of carrying two pairs of glasses around with you, one for inside and for outside, then we have the answer you’ve been looking for, ADAPTORS by EvolutionEyes.Trendy Glasses has scoured the planet [...]

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E-Specs Computer Reading Glasses Now at Trendy Glasses

The latest generation of computer specific reading glasses has finally arrived! The amazing E-Specs by world renowned Evolution Eyes are now at Trendy Glasses. If you spend an hour in front of a computer or ten hours, chances are you suffer from eye strain related to poor reading glasses.At Trendy Glasses, we don’t just stock any particular brand of [...]

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Kenneth Jay Lane Readers Now at Trendy Glasses

Trendy Glasses would like to take this opportunity to introduce the latest addition to our family, the exciting new Kenneth Jay Lane reading glasses for women. These spectacular reading glasses are based off the world famous costume jewelry designer, Kenneth Jay Lane. They bring to life all the glitz and glamour that you have come to expect from Kenneth [...]

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EvolutionEyes Readers Now at Trendy Glasses

Just like nature evolves, so do reading glasses. Trendy Glasses are extremely excited to add EvolutionEyes reading glasses to their amazing collection of reading glasses and sunglasses. We just don't add any reading glasses to our range either, we only add the best of the best, and we wouldn't have it any other way. That's why we here at [...]

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Sydney Love Readers Now at Trendy Glasses

We would like to take a little time here to introduce you properly to our new range of men's and ladies reading glasses from the SYDNEY LOVE Collection. It isn't everyday that we get this excited over a new range of reading glasses but the SYDNEY LOVE Collection is without a doubt an amazing and cool range of reading [...]

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Max Studio.com Readers Now at Trendy Glasses

A new range of fashion reading glasses have hit the market with a huge splash this year, the men's and ladies readers from Max Studio.com. The Max Studio.com collection of reading glasses provides a wide range of styles and colors that will look and feel great for even the most fashionable men and women.The new Max Studio.com reading glasses [...]

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Celebrities Noted For Wearing Glasses

There are many famous people that are known in the media for wearing glasses. Celebrities and famous people wear glasses all the time-- sometimes when they don't even have a prescription! They're a great way to look cool or achieve a certain look, or just show off their personal sense of style. Sometimes glasses can complement an outfit. Other times [...]

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The Importance Of Reading For Senior Citizens

For senior citizens, staying active is an important part of maintaining well being as well as health. There are a number of activities that senior citizens can engage in to keep them busy as well as entertained, happy, and thriving. This can be going for walks, attending group fitness classes at their local YMCA, practicing [...]

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How Reading Glasses Can Make a Fashion Statement

Many people love to read as a hobby or just because it's one of their deepest passions. For many of these people, using reading glasses when picking up a book is not only a habit, but a necessity. We commonly regard our reading glasses as utilitarian and boring, usually because the glasses that we purchased [...]

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