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E-Specs Computer Reading Glasses Now at Trendy Glasses

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The latest generation of computer specific reading glasses has finally arrived! The amazing E-Specs by world renowned Evolution Eyes are now at Trendy Glasses. If you spend an hour in front of a computer or ten hours, chances are you suffer from eye strain related to poor reading glasses.

At Trendy Glasses, we don’t just stock any particular brand of reading glasses. We only stock the highest quality reading glasses, at affordable prices. We source our reading glasses direct from the manufacturer and pass on the savings to you, our customer. If you’re tired of getting cheap reading glasses and poor customer service, then it’s time to switch to Trendy Glasses.

Recent studies have shown that many eye related issues such as;

  • Eye Fatigue
  • Eye Strain
  • Eye Twitching
  • Physical Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Migraines and a Loss in Productivity

All of these problems have been associated with spending too long staring at computers with poor reading glasses. Between 50 and 90% of computer users have suffered from these symptoms at one stage or another in their lives. If your job involves working on computers all day, then you need to try out the new E-Specs from Evolution Eyes.

Evolution Eyes new E-Specs are here to save your eyes from the pain and symptoms associated with excessive computer use. The prevention of these symptoms will also lead to an overall increase in productivity. The E-Specs feature a revolutionary anti-reflective coating that helps to cut down and mitigate the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. The E-Specs also have new lenses that are distortion free and give you improved acuity. E-Specs are available in several styles and a power rating of between +0.00 to +2.50.

The E-Specs from Evolution Eyes are made using only the highest quality materials, giving you a product that will stand up to the tests of time. These strong and comfortable frames are available in a huge range of stylishly crafted designs. They also feature fresh and urban inspired designs that will leaving you looking fantastic and feeling great. Combine that with spring hinges for added comfort and durability you’re getting a great pair of reading glasses at an affordable price.

These trendy and chic E-Spec reading glasses are available for both men and women, in a wide variety of colors, shapes, styles and design to suit everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just surfing the internet or playing games, every time you sit in front of a computer screen you could be potentially hurting your eyes. Don’t use cheap second-rate reading glasses any longer, switch to E-Specs by Evolution Eyes, you won’t be disappointed.

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