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Introducing Fabulous New Mini Specs

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Chic, Stylish Designer Reading Glasses, Mini Specs from EvolutionEyes

Trendy Glasses is proud to introduce our latest range of designer eyewear from EvolutionEyes to the team, Mini Specs. No longer do you have to worry about always carrying around your expensive, large reading glasses. Now you can carry around a chic, stylish pair of Mini Specs in your pocket or bag.

Often while we are traveling, we try to minimize the amount of items that we carry onto the plane, train or boat, etc. You still need certain items to be easily at hand, though; forms need to be filled in, and tickets read, etc. Now, you can carry a convenient pair of Mini Specs instead of your larger reading glasses.

You don’t have to carry them inside a bag either. Mini Specs are small and light enough to be easily and conveniently carried around your neck or slipped inside a shirt pocket. It’s true what they say, good things really do come in small packages. How often have you found yourself out for dinner with friends or family, only to have forgotten your reading glasses and then be forced to have someone read the menu for you? Well, worry no more with new Mini Specs from EvolutionEyes and Trendy Glasses.

The Mini Specs from EvolutionEyes aren’t like those cheap, rubbish glasses from the pharmacy or store either. Mini Specs are available in two different varieties, either on a fabric cord (in convenient three-packs) or on stylish, strong, lightweight metal chains (single packs). The Mini Specs are also available in a range of chic, stylish colors and styles, just because they’re mini doesn’t mean they can’t be absolutely fabulous! You can choose from Black with Rhinestones, Leopard, Polka Dot, Tortoise, and Zebra.

With their amazing quality and very affordable prices why limit yourself to only one set? Make sure that you always have a pair of Mini Specs available no matter where you are. When you’re trying to impress during that important meeting or perhaps you’re out on a date. You don’t always want to rely on your regular reading glasses; that’s where Mini Specs from EvolutionEyes come in handy. You can keep them inside your pants pocket, shirt pocket or inside a small clutch purse. Simply pull them out and use them, and then slip the away conveniently until you need them again.

Don’t ever be without a pair of reading glasses again. Make sure you buy a set of Mini Specs from EvolutionEyes and have stylish, chic glasses where you need them and when you need them. High-quality and simply gorgeous, Mini Specs are exactly what you have been looking for, never struggle without your glasses again. 

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