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The Importance Of Reading For Senior Citizens

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For senior citizens, staying active is an important part of maintaining well being as well as health. There are a number of activities that senior citizens can engage in to keep them busy as well as entertained, happy, and thriving. This can be going for walks, attending group fitness classes at their local YMCA, practicing Tai Chi, singing, playing an instrument, teaching, doing art work, participating in hobbies such as wood carving, cooking, knitting, quilting, and more. One great thing that senior citizens can do that keeps their brain active and encourages a healthy mental state is reading. Both reading and being read to is not only enjoyable, it's good for seniors' brain health.

The Importance Of Reading For Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens love to read and continue this habit because they're used to enjoying a book as a means to pass the time. Reading is good for the mind and the spirit, as seniors can often feel down or listless if they don't have a lot to do. For seniors, it doesn't even have to be reading the book themselves. Having a book read to them by a friend, family member, or young person is just as enjoyable as reading the book themselves, and a nice break for the eyes. Who wouldn't love having someone read to them and just sitting back and relaxing while they do it? It's a nice change of pace to have someone take the reins and read you your favorite Agatha Christie crime novel?

Why it is so important for senior citizens to read (or be read to, in some cases) is because it's important to keep the mind active. Research continues to be established on the benefits of active and lifelong learning, as well as the importance of engaging in such tasks as doing puzzles, filling out crosswords, playing card games such as bridge, taking classes, whether at learning annexes or the local college or even online, watching the news, and yes, reading books!

Participating in such activities can help to keep the brain young and seniors to keep their vitality and their sharp mental presence. So the next time you're reading a novel that seems a little boring, you can choose to pick up something a little more exciting or just stick with it, knowing that any book at all will keep you mentally sharp. Even if it's not a particularly good one. But why waste your time on a book you don't enjoy? Keep your brain active by reading books you enjoy. So go ahead. Put on your reading glasses and put the kettle on for tea. Reading isn't just interesting anymore, now it's good for you, too.

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